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Railway operators: 1550 | NHM goods: 12460
Border stations: 557

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Our mission is connecting rail cargo transport partners in Southeast Europe.
Rail Cargo Portal is a reliable source of information on railway cargo transport throughout Southeast Europe.
We are the point of contact for many Trans-European traders, transport corridors, transport brokers, railway operators and authorities, as well as logistic centres and ports.
We provide updates on:

  • Terms and conditions of transportation and all relevant railway cargo transport data

  • Transport limitations
    Information from national railway operators and infrastructure menagement on limitations in railway transport
  • Transport announcements
    Information on transport low regulations and changes of transport conditions
  • Transport Manager 
    An online calculation tool for transport costs based on regular railway undertaking tariffs.
  • Wagon Broker 
    A notice board for partners with privately owned wagons who want to rent or sublet, such as transport brokers, railway operators or traders.

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